On 1/9/2012 Children’s Village Child Care in Renton went through our first accreditation process, and we were awarded accreditation by the National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs (NAC).

Starting April 1, 2017, we will begin our self-study process in which administrators, staff and parents will evaluate our program in accordance with NAC Standards. This includes a validation visit and a thorough commission review of all program materials.

When you are a NAC accredited center, you are recognized as an early care and education program that exemplifies excellence in the care of young children. Children’s Village Child Care continually strives to be a high quality program for children that is conducive to their individual growth and development. We continue to provide professional training opportunities and take pride in the longevity of our staff.  As a parent you can rest comfortably knowing you have chosen an outstanding program for your child!

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