Our Philosophy


At Children’s Village each child is viewed as an individual with limitless potential. We understand that cognitive, physical and spiritual milestones can be reached at each child’s own special pace. To foster a child’s curious nature and build on it an innate love for learning, we have established the following goals focused on your child’s development.


Cognitive Development:

  • To build a foundation that will develop school competence and school readiness;
  • To promote the development of each child into a self-confident, risk-taking lifelong learner;
  • To recognize that all children learn differently, are not on the same timeline and are most successful in a balanced child–initiated and teacher-facilitated learning environment;

Physical Development

  • To provide activities and an environment that are safe, healthy, inviting, and well maintained while balancing rest and activity;

Spiritual Development

  • To foster a feeling of being loved and welcomed by providing an environment where the love of Jesus is expressed openly;
  • To teach children to honor and respect each person regardless of cultural differences or differing abilities;
  • …and to create an active partnership with families based on cooperation and respect to provide consistency for your child’s development.