Meet our Support Staff

What makes an effective teacher and an engaged employee?

All great teachers are alike in a key way – they use their natural talents to the utmost whether they are aware of it cafe-1or not” (Liesveld & Miller, 2005).

Because we agree with the above statement, that great teachers are those who teach with their greatest talents and abilities, Vision House is committed to a strengths-based culture in which employees are encouraged to identify their top 5 “signature themes,” or natural talents through the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment. We encourage our staff to develop the ability to notice the positive impact of using their strengths in the classroom and we work together on professional development strategies that include strengths, both individually and collectively.

Our Strong Support Team:

Angelica Garcia: Enrollment Coordinator 


Top 5 Strengths:

  • Harmony
  • Communication
  • Includer
  • Achiever
  • Responsibility

Angel Galvez-Ocampo: Administrative Assistant

Angel Galvez Ocampo

Top 5 Strengths:

  • Restorative
  • Deliberative
  • Connectedness
  • Input
  • Communication