What Parents Say

Happy Baby

Happy Babies!

“I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how appreciative I am to have found Children’s Village and the amazing staff! I am in search of care for my 5 month old son as I am returning to school this month. I have gone on numerous tours at child care centers and in-home child care around the area and have not encountered a place as welcoming, comforting or clean as Children’s Village. I have left the other centers and cried in my car with my heart breaking at the thought of leaving my baby boy and with the feeling that I might have to reconsider my life goal of pursuing a nursing degree that I have worked so hard for prior to my pregnancy.

Today I was instantly welcomed by Ms. Alexis from the infant room and was so comforted to see her genuine love and compassion for children and her interest in my baby, Felix. He fell in love with her right away and I felt a relief seeing how happy he was playing in the infant room with such an incredibly caring and knowledgeable staff. I was reassured by Ms. Miriam’s warm and gentle disposition and her educational tour of the room and daily routine. My spirits have been lifted and I am excited for my child to have the opportunity to spend time socializing and being cared for and cuddled at Children’s Village. I was so impressed with the love shared at the center by all staff members. The children looked so happy and of course mine was as well.

I know that it was not an accident that I was led to tour Children’s Village today and I am feeling so grateful. I look forward to enrolling Felix!

Thank you,”  Sarah


Little boy



“We will miss all of you at CVCC. Kyle came in as a shy little boy of 5 years old and now he’s leaving short of being a tween. Amazing how time has flown. We appreciate you all for taking a chance on bringing in Kyle. I hope CVCC continues to embrace these special needs kids and gives them a place where they can feel loved and safe and also be included among their peers. Ms. Kylie has a very special gift as a teacher and I wouldn’t be surprised if she finds her calling in helping to serve these very special people. She’s got a great heart and I know where she gets it from- YOU.”  Laynette




lucy“We are very grateful for the great job CVCC has done supporting Ursula’s special needs, from the time it was brought to our attention by Pam and Paloma through ongoing support to transport her to the half-day special needs program at Apollo. She has really benefited from spending time in both a specialized program as well as interacting with typically developing children at CVCC (especially since tests showed her delays were in areas related to social interaction and self-care, where she tested at around the 5th percentile.) Beth and Fidelia continue to monitor her progress.

In the year and a half since, she’s made great progress and is average or above in many areas. She will be exiting the special needs program this June, where she is already more or less serving as a model or typical student in the classroom. Her IEP will be closed and she will enter Kindergarten with no accommodations. Best of all she is excited to go to Kindergarten!”  Karen